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Welcome to the "mirror universe" Memory Alpha, the Memory Alpha Information Directorate. Before contributing, please read the following to gain a better understanding what this project is about.

What is Memory Alpha Information Directorate?[]

The Directorate is a Star Trek reference written from the point of view of an Alliance historian in what is referred to as the "mirror universe". Of course that means that the mirror universe in this reference will refer to the universe in which the majority of Trek episodes takes place, and "our" universe is the universe of the Terran Empire and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

This is still a canon-only reference with a couple of exceptions, in many ways more strict than MA/en. The source material for this reference are the following thirteen episodes:

No novels, comics, or video games. No apocrypha sections.

A few exceptions to the canon-only thing:

  • We assume that this historian works at the library Memory Alpha, under the control of the dominant power in the area.
  • We assume we know who is the dominant power in the future (we have to decide this still, for now it is the Alliance), even though there is no definite canon answer. The alliance was in bad shape as of the last installment.

At the moment, we don't believe there should be any "real world" pages at this wiki, including episode pages. The stories of the episodes will be told by browsing the articles, not in an episode summary. Also, we don't believe there need to be any actor links. All the pages will link to the proper articles in the true MA versions through the language links for that kind of information.

This is supposed to be a fun exercise... make it so!