This page is designed to be a temporary page where we can co-ordinate populating MA:ID with pages and information. By placing as much of what needs to be done one place, it'll be easier for everyone to help out.

In additon to this page, please also see the following complimentary categories listing incomplete pages:

General workEdit

The following is a list of general sub-projects that need to be completed. These sub-projects involve incomplete and non-existent pages. Please feel free to add a sub-project that you feel needs attention

  • Enterprise (NX-01) crew bios
  • Enterprise (NCC-1701) crew bios (both prime and mirror)
  • DS9-era bios
  • Starship histories
  • Technology
  • Categorizing articles correctly

Pages needing to be createdEdit

Please feel free to add any pages you feel need to be created on MA:ID. Before creating a new page, please check that it does not already exist under another name. If you create a page for a topic with an alternate name to one listed below (or the one below is misspelled), please update the link below so we do not end up with duplicates.






Useful linksEdit

The following are a series of useful links to the pages on MA:en if you need to confirm facts from an episode or find a picture.