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ISS Enterprise, lead ship of the class
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Type: Warship
Length: 225 meters
Beam: 135.8 meters
Draft: 33.3 meters
Mass: 80,000 metric tons
Crew: 83
Maximum Speed: Warp 5.2 (Cochrane scale)
Decks: 7
Armament: 12 phase cannons (originally 3); 6 photonic torpedo launchers; pulse plasma cannons; pulsed phase cannons
Defenses: Polarized hull plating

The NX-class was the first class of starship built with the warp five engine, thereby enabling theTerran Empires first steps of conquest beyond its neighboring star system. Serving in the Imperial Starfleet, the first ship of the NX-class was Enterprise, commissioned in 2151.

Known ships[]