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Sisko propaganda machine looking glass
Benjamin Sisko, founder of the Rebellion
Status: At War
Location: Alpha Quadrant
Base of Operations: Terok Nor
Leader: Miles O'Brien
Major Species: Terran

"Logic isn't going to win us our freedom. We have to take action!"

- Rom, to Tuvok

The Terran Rebellion is a terrorist organization which promotes the downfall of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.



The Terran Rebellion started on Terok Nor when copies of Alliance Intendant of Bajor, Kira Nerys, and the Terran slave Julian Bashir, who had come into the prime universe by accident while traveling through a previously undiscovered wormhole that ended in the Bajoran system, convinced privateer Benjamin Sisko and mining slave Miles O'Brien to rebel against his most gracious benefactor, the real Intendant Kira Nerys.

Terrorist activities[]

Individual members[]

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