A 22nd century Tholian starship

The Tholian starship of the 22nd century was a relatively small starship of characteristic shape. Their small size permitted these vessels to be highly agile. They were a common design, used by the Tholian's.

Several Tholian starships and their "spun" web

In 2155, numerous Tholian starships were encountered by the ISS Enterprise. A single vessel of this class was no match for an NX-class vessel, though several of these vessels were capable of destroying such a vessel, particularly when employing a Tholian web.

During Enterprise's mission to the Vintaak system, a number vessels discovered Enterprise attempting to steal the USS Defiant being held in a Tholian drydock. In response to Enterprise's presence, several of these ships encased the Enterprise with in a Tholian web, and followed to destroy the starship with weapons fire. These vessels then attempted to block the entrance to the drydock, to prevent Defiant's theft, only to be destroyed by Defiant's superior firepower. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

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