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In the mirror universe, the United Federation of Planets is the dominant power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and their counterpart to the Terran Empire. Instead of forcibly overcoming weaker, smaller cultures, it "seeks out new life" and attempts to make peaceful "first contact" with other lifeforms. It gains territory not from conquest, but through diplomacy.


First encounter[]

The first encounter with the Federation was during the war between the Terran Empire and Anti-Terran Rebellion in 2155 before the era of Empress Hoshi Sato. In fact, the technologically-advanced Constitution-class USS Defiant from the mirror universe was instrumental in the Terrans' victory and Empress Sato's rise to power.

23rd Century encounters[]

In 2255, following a failed coup against the Emperor Phillipa Georgiou, Gabriel Lorca fled to the mirror universe where he posed as his Federation counterpart. As captain of the USS Discovery, he participated in the Federation's war with the Klingon Empire. In 2256, using advanced Federation technology, he returned to the Empire and attempted to launch a second coup. However, having been exposed as an impostor, his Federation crew turned on him, and he was killed by the Emperor.

The USS Discovery returned to its own universe, inexplicably taking the Emperor with them. Her final fate is unknown.

In 2267 Terran captain James T. Kirk, commanding officer of ISS Enterprise, and his entire landing party switched places with their counterparts from the mirror universe during the mission to the Halkan homeworld. Kirk was quickly detained by Federation Starfleet security and imprisoned until the switch could be reversed. Meanwhile, his counterpart, posing as the real Kirk, spread dissent onboard the Enterprise, convincing First Officer Spock to turn against the Empire's ideology, setting in motion a series of events that would lead to the Empire's collapse and the rise of the Alliance.

Later encounters[]

More than a century later, in 2370, a Federation shuttlecraft would be transported to Alliance space, appearing near Bajor as the result of an unexplained spatial anomaly. The crew of two, a Bajoran and a Terran, were captured by Alliance forces and brought to Terok Nor, where the Bajoran was released into the care of Intendent Kira, while the Terran was taken to Ore Processing as a slave. As had happened before, the Federation Terran spread dissent, inspiring a number of slaves to turn against the Alliance and sparking a new Terran rebellion. The Terran and Bajoran returned to their own universe in the confusion.

In 2371, a rebel Terran would cross over into the mirror universe and steal plans for a Federation warship, the ISS Defiant, which the Terrans would then secretly construct and use in their terrorist campaign against Alliance targets. Over the next few years, the rebellion would attempt to recruit several Federation officers to their cause, though none would remain in our universe for long.

As of the last reported contact with the mirror universe in the 27th century, the Federation still existed.

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