United Federation of Planets flag
The Flag of United Federation of Planets
Status: Unknown
Location: Alpha Quadrant
Military: Starfleet (mirror)

In the mirror universe, the United Federation of Planets is the dominant power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and their counterpart to the Terran Empire. Instead of forcibly overcoming weaker, smaller cultures, it "seeks out new life" and attempts to make peaceful "first contact" with other lifeforms. It gains territory not from conquest, but through diplomacy.

Encounters Edit

First encounter Edit

The first encounter of this universe with the Federation was during the war between the Terran Empire and Anti-Terran Rebellion in 2155 before the era of Empress Hoshi Sato. In fact, the technologically-advanced Constitution-class USS Defiant from the mirror universe was instrumental in the Terrans' victory and Empress Sato's rise to power.

Second encounter Edit

The second encounter was when Terran captain James T. Kirk, commanding officer of ISS Enterprise, and his entire landing party switched places with their counterparts from the mirror universe during the mission to the Halkan homeworld. The Kirk of the mirror universe and the others managed to return to their universe but not before Kirk influenced Spock to rise to power and reform the Empire.

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